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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Change of Pace "Prepare the Masses"

A Change of Pace's Prepare the Masses feels like one of the most incredibly manufactured discs I've ever heard. With a sound that might remind you of a heavier mallpunk band, such as Fall Out Boy or Motion City Soundtrack, and lyrics that on the political songs are like a bad grass roots anti war movement(with "controversial" titles such as "How to Rape a Country"), and on the love songs just seem incredibly mundane.

You listen to the album, and start to wonder... "is this a joke? a parody?" But as you get through, you realize something. This is produced in an extremely slick package. You'll be humming along with the stuff, not even realizing it. As a pop album, even with the attempts to be cutting edge, it works incredibly well, especially on the electronic tinged "I'm Alive", the drum-heavy sexy "War in Your Bedroom", and quite possibly the strongest song on the album "I Wanna Be Your Rock-n-Roll", and it hits you.

It's an incredibly fun listen. It's short, clocking in at 42 minutes, but at the length it's at, it just works. And that's what I'd say about the album as a whole. It's got many, many flaws. It borders on mundane lyrically, the musicianship doesn't feel anything special, and the sound is extremely manufactured, but as you listen to this, you can't help but like it. So with that in mind, even though my brain is telling me to tell you to ignore this album, my gut is telling you to give it a listen and enjoy it... just don't expect anything revolutionary.


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